VPP Hydro Gel (Kit)

SGD$ 120.00

Features & Benefits
10 awesome colors & 2 colors of Specialty Metallic Gel HSB1 and HSB2.
Soak-off system, can be used as regular gel polish with VPP Base, 2 Coats of Hydro gel and VPP Top Coat.
When used over uncured specialty metallic gel (HSB1 – HSB3), the hydro gel colors will transform into water like effect and spread out into few shades lighter, creating unique patters.
HSB1-HSB3 is only compatible with Hydro gel and will not work with other gel polish.
Cure time is 30 secs in LED and 1 minute in UV (min. 9W).
Seasonal Collections will be available.
Easy solution for nail art, user friendly art in a bottle.
Does not require any artistic skills to use this product.
Vibrant colors and very “cool” effects.
FAST and EASY!!!

  • 10個非常好看的顏色及2款特殊用途的金屬色膠 (HSB1 及 HSB2)
  • 可卸式,可以當作一般凝膠使用 :VPP底層膠打底,2層水療膠及VPP上層凝膠
  • 當使用在未照燈的金屬色膠(HSB1 – HSB3)上時,水療膠會轉換成像水一般擴散的效果,並呈現出光影變化效果,創造出獨特的圖案。
  • HSB1-HSB3 只與水療膠相容,和其他凝膠不會有作用。
  • LED照燈30秒,UV照燈1分鐘 (最少要用9瓦燈)
  • 季節性商品
  •  容易做出美甲造型,瓶裝設計操作便利
  •  使用本產品不需其他藝術技巧。
  •  鮮豔的顏色且酷炫的效果
  • 快速簡單 !!!

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